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Accepted! Ensure your College, University or Academic organization is represented professionally with a direct mail campaign. Leverage the trustworthiness of print marketing by partnering with Admail to produce an appealing and informative direct mail postcard or letter.


Dream big! Market well! Apartment marketing is a race to 100% occupancy. With digital marketing dominating the space, consider a direct mail postcard to separate your brand from the pack. Admail’s decades of experience marketing for Apartments across the USA means we know what works!


Mow down the competition! Provide a fresh look to your marketing with an eye-catching direct mail postcard. Admail knows the key to a successful Lawncare postcard is colorful images and a clear offer to prospective customers.


Marketing you can trust! Communicate credibility in your medical practice with a professional mail piece. Admail has the experience necessary to comply with HIPPA in an informative and effective way on your letters, postcards and self mailers.


Have them shop till they drop! Generating new customers isn’t always easy. With a direct mail postcard through Admail, you can deliver a coordinated marketing message to a targeted group of people on your schedule. Admail is here to help your card stand out and make a sale.


Quality ingredients, great marketing! Few industries face fierce competition like food service. With tight margins, an EDDM postcard can feed customers to your location in a cost-efficient manner. Admail consistently delivers results with EDDM campaigns year after year.


Drive customers to you! Effective automotive marketing is more than just a colorful, oversized mailpiece. Admail can generate accurate, up-to-date mailing lists to reach your target audience with the right offer effectively. Pair it with a scratch-off postcard to increase customer interaction.


More than a hope and a prayer! Spread your message to the masses with a thoughtfully designed direct mail campaign. Keep current members informed with a postcard or letter. Invite potential members to join you with a creative EDDM piece. Admail is here to help you grow your organization.

Gym + Fitness

Use mail for bigger gains! Attract new members beyond the new year with a bold direct mail postcard. Monthly specials and enrollment incentives are a solid message you can routinely advertise to draw new customers. Admail can custom-build a mailing list to target the exact clientele your business caters to.

Real Estate

Get them to say yes to the address! From residential and commercial, to ranch and land real estate, Admail knows what it takes for your marketing to help close the sale. Postcards that showcase luxury spaces with expert staff ready to handle any listing are the proven path to success for real estate mailers.


Sold! Bidding on a direct mail postcard to advertise your next auction doesn’t have to be a gamble. Admail can assemble a specialty list of buyers for any industry to pique interest in your auction before the first gavel drops.


Tracking that doesn’t require cookies! Postcards or self mailers paired with a custom QR code can track the effectiveness of your campaign piece by piece. Admail has the technology to generate effective direct mail marketing with a data-driven approach.


Count on their vote! Successful political campaigns are built on solid voter data and effective marketing. Direct mail postcards are still the most effective way to communicate your platform to voters. Combine pushcards, postcards, and digital mail enhancements with Admail to carry your campaign from launch to election day.

Non-Profit Org

Promote your cause! Market today! Fundraising letters are one of the most powerful tools a non-profit organization has to raise money for their cause. Envelopes with clear branding containing a carefully crafted letter are just one of the ways Admail routinely aids non-profit organizations in their fundraising efforts.


Quality marketing, guaranteed! Advertising for your HVAC, plumbing, mechanic, or home repair service business with a direct mail postcard is a solution you can trust. Admail can custom build a mailing list to target home and vehicle owners that advertise your services to those most likely to need them.

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