Postal Regulations

The U.S. Postal Service has enacted regulations to encourage both non-profit and business mailers to upgrade their mailing list in order that their mail will move through the mailing channels in an automated fashion. The goal is to move the mail faster, more accurately and with less manpower. To do this, mail pieces must be designed and sealed for machine handling. Addresses must be correct, machine readable, and in the proper location on the mail piece. An IMB bar code is required for automation mail discounts.

Automation Mail Requirements

Meeting the Automation Mail requirements will provide substantial postal discounts to the mailer. AdMail has been able to save mailers more than the cost of its computer list and process services by gaining postal discounts which are available for sortation and automation processes. The mailer should consult with the staff of AdMail before designing mail pieces so they will meet the new and more stringent regulations for automated mail. This is true for all classes of mail–First Class, Standard, and Periodicals. For more information, call 979.779.7788 and ask for Jack, or email us at